click here to follow your heart

This will always be the holy grail of therapy for me Pen and pad or tapping mad on laptop keys Underneath Cloudy skies Pounding back Coffee iced Listening to Lofi Beats and hoping I can slowly seep into this poetry Read me slow like thick honey leaking from a broken seal Sweet and real Low key lines to reel you in and dig my words into your skin It’s hopeless See it’s what I’ve always known to be the only way to cope with all the soap I scroll past on my feed All the hoaxes; vanity And I’m far from innocent but the man I see In myself has made choices to embrace hypocrisy Only contradiction creates a masterpiece Without the light what would darkness be That’s cheesy But let me in your soul and feel For every gaping hole to heal just take these thoughts and kneel to reason Look up to the ceiling You don’t need judgment to repent your demons Just don’t resent your demons It’s those demons that descend to deal with all your damaged feelings Banged up knees and bandaged grief Mangled teeth marks from a feral beast But this beast is just a piece of you Just a vicious need to Feed on you Just a christened disease society likes to see on you They like for you to feel like you’re in pieces too Like everyone is here just trying to make it through Like “nobody really likes the cards fate deals to you But that’s the deal so boohoo Just keep your head down The show much continue” But that’s a trap That’s a lie That’s the type of crap they say just to hide The fact that they have cracked the code to the way life reacts to change The waves The ripples For every body that drops dead in the middle of an intersection of choice A split in the road There’s a voice in the back of their head saying “It’s safer just to go back home” And that’s what they don’t want you to know If you just follow your gut you’ll actually achieve all your goals Regardless of the holes in your soul Regardless of the diplomas on your wall Regardless of the voices in your skull Just jumpstart your gut and you can run it past them all.

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