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This will always be the holy grail of therapy for me Pen and pad or tapping mad on laptop keys Underneath Cloudy skies Pounding back Coffee iced Listening to Lofi Beats and hoping I can slowly seep into this poetry Read me slow like thick honey leaking from a broken seal Sweet and real Low …

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till the end.

tear away my pencil point, break away the led, confiscate my laptop, then the words will stick inside my head, you’d have to beat me twice to death, burn my skin and leave my gory, and even with my dying breath, with blood I’d pen my final story.


I’m constricted To these self-inflicted Restrictions, I say I’m writing romance, But I really love science-fiction. I guess I’m chasing paychecks, Or the dream thereof, And I’m worried if I trust my heart, will I make the right decision?